The city of Paris is a character in this story of a philandering husband who develops a conscience. Funny and fresh, the story, told from the point of view of the philanderer, paints a picture of an American husband trying to redeem himself and rekindle romance in a city renown for inspiring love. Named a top summer read on NBC’s Today Show, this book charms and entertains. Delicious!
The plot involves a mysterious batch of letters written by a girl to famed chef James Beard, but the real draw of Delicious! is the warmth of its lead, a grown-up Nancy Drew-like food writer who sleuths the origins of these letters, peppering her tale with bold descriptions of food, coloring the story with descriptions of scenes that blanket them in a caramel glow. A delightful confection of a novel.

#28 I'm having so much fun