The 1858 Map of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard & Nantucket book is our most unique history book of Cape Cod. It is a one of a kind, now out of print, gorgeously designed Cape heirloom created as a fund raiser for the Nickerson Archives at the Cape Cod Community College to whom we give part of the proceeds. This book was made using outstanding color and high definition quality paper. The ultimate Cape Cod Coffee Table Book. It will provide you with many hours of fascinating exploration and reading.

1858, just before the Civil War, was at the height of Cape Cod Commerce with whaling, salt production, fishing and glass manufacturing leading the way. The book begins with wonderful articles from local authors. Some of the works describe how this atlas was made (no GPS) and all the widows (whaling boats that did not come back). Each town shows the businesses, population, industry. Each town also shows the names of the people who lives in that town. If you have family dating back to 1858, you will see their homesteads. You can see how the landscape has changes and the huge impact of whaling on Provincetown Village (over 100 docks) and Nantucket. You can also see were life boats were left containing food and water for grounded boats. (No Cape Cod Canal).

Supply is limited and the book is appreciating in value.

Pix #62 1858 Map Book