Product Description

Contributor: Christopher Seufert

Embark on an adventure through the wilds of the most-hidden and beautiful spots in the Cape Cod National Seashore, on land and by airplane, in over 125 gorgeous color photos. With 43,000 acres, there are plenty of wonderful locations to discover. Wide-angle views of the beautiful flora and fauna of the seashore, as well as the historic spots that dot the natural landscape, will bring seaside scenes, dramatic coastal sunsets, and sandy, pristine landscapes to your armchair and provide a guide for your own, first-hand explorations. Among the beauty spots revealed are Ballston Beach, the now abandoned Truro Air Force Base, Provincelands, the Outer Beach, Bound Brook Island, Fresh Brook, Pleasant Bay, and Nauset Marsh. The past is also revealed, with images of long ago shipwrecks, the remains of the Wellfleet Marconi Wireless station, and artifacts from archaeological excavations, both historic and prehistoric. Come explore the shore that four million visit annually and discover why they come.