Product Description

By Stan Grayson

Designed and built by the Crosbys of Osterville, the Wianno Senior was first launched in 1914. With its centerboard and gaff rig, the boat soon proved perfectly adapted to the shallow, current-swept waters of Nantucket Sound. Now, a hundred years later, the Wianno Senior is still flourishing, among the longest-lived one-designs in America. Many are familiar with the boat because President John F. Kennedy owned one. But that s just one aspect of this wide-ranging, centennial history. Here is the Wianno Senior seen through the eyes of a writer widely recognized for his devotion to the history of American yachting and small craft, his careful research, and his storytelling skills. The book is profusely illustrated with important historical images and the photographs of several of today s most accomplished yachting photographers. The Wianno Senior Story will find a homeport on the bookshelf of anyone who appreciates beautiful boats, Cape Cod, and a tale well-told.”